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Gumboots Early Learning is privately owned and operated by Sandra Hallo and Emma Lamendola.

Together, Sandra and Emma share a vision to create centres that exceed all expectations. They are passionate about beautiful learning environments, high quality pedagogy, sustainability, health, wellbeing and exploring and learning within the local community. Sandra and Emma see their staff, children, and families as part of the extended Gumboots family.

With over 30 years of shared experience in the early childhood sector, Sandra and Emma bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to the Gumboots Early Learning family. With children of their own, Sandra and Emma understand the importance of early childhood education and care and have the motivation and drive to make a difference in the sector.

Sandra Hallo

Founder & Managing Director

Emma Lamendola

General Manager

Our Team

Inspiring Your Children

We believe that our team of Teachers and Educators are our greatest asset. They have the most important job in the world; caring for and educating our precious children, this is why it is vital that we have a dedicated, caring, committed and experienced team. At Gumboots Early Learning our Teachers and Educators will inspire our children with their energy, passion, and creativity. They will care for our children with respect, love, and encouragement. They will educate, guide, and teach our children, they will empower, protect, and challenge our children and they will interact, play, and have fun with our children. This is our promise to you.

We will always support and encourage our Teachers and Educators to never stop learning. We embrace all professional development opportunities and urge our Teachers and Educators to further their knowledge, skills, and experience both personally and professionally.

We have amazing Educators that champion particular roles in our service, these roles include an Educational Leader, Sustainability Officer, Workplace Health and Safety Representative, Wellbeing Officer and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Leader. These passionate leaders are committed to their role and really drive our curriculum, initiatives, experiences, and quality in their area of excellence. They work with our team, families, and children to ensure procedures and programs are embedded into our everyday practices and interactions.



At Gumboots Early Learning we have developed and live by ten core values. These values represent our culture and our people. They reflect how Gumboots Early Learning sees itself and its operation. Our Values act as our guidelines for our everyday decisions and actions.

It is our commitment to these core values that makes Gumboots Early Learning the high quality and unique education provider that it is. We believe in these values, we feel they are crucial in our centre, in our daily operation and in our success.
We encourage all educators, families, children and visitors to our centres to get to know them, live and breathe them, understand and grow with them


We value and promote a sense of belonging; within our centre, our team, our children, our families and our Gumboots community.


We value and encourage respect, for our centre, our team, our children, our families, our environment, our resources, our community and each other.


We value ongoing learning and development. We constantly strive to inspire and challenge each other and our children to learn, grow, develop and the best version of who we want to be.


We value strong partnerships, past, present and future.


We value and encourage communication that is clear, open and honest; communication between ourselves, with our children, our families, with government agencies and the community.


We value health, safety and happiness of our educators, our children, our families and each other.


We value and appreciate efforts and achievements. We encourage appreciation for each other, our environment and the community.


We value professionalism; in every action and every decision.


We value advocacy: for children’s rights, for our rights as professionals, for our company, our centre, and the Early Childhood sector.


We value and promote equality; every person’s individuality and beliefs.

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