Committed to provide quality early education
& childcare, delivered in a gumboots way.



Gumboots Early Learning is committed to providing the highest standard in care and education and strives for ongoing excellence.

We offer a welcoming, home-like environment where the children, families and community will feel immediately comfortable and gain a sense of belonging.

We are committed to ensuring every child’s early learning journey and experience at
Gumboots is memorable, educational, and most importantly fun.



We believe that children should be active participants in their own learning and that each child should be respected for their individuality. Our open-ended learning approach will allow children to learn and thrive based on their own interests. Our focus is to provide children the opportunity to develop self-help skills, encourage independence and a strong sense of belonging. We believe it’s important to work closely with families to collaborate and involve them in their child’s learning journey. Our educators will support and ensure they feel safe, secure and comfortable. They will encourage and help them in building strong social connections and respectful relationships with their friends, educators, and families.


Our educators play an instrumental role in the learning and development of every child. They are professional, caring and dedicated to building strong relationships with the children and their families.

They are qualified, passionate, respectful, and experienced in what they do. We welcome educators who are committed to providing quality care and education.

We are committed to their ongoing training and professional development so that they have the skills and knowledge and fresh ideas to keep them motivated and continually challenged in their teaching.



We are committed to implementing and encouraging sustainable practices and promoting environmental awareness through:

Growing of plants

Minimising water usage

Encouraging recycling

Using loose parts that include recycled and reusable materials

Incorporating natural and sustainable resources where possible

Our ‘Sustainability and Garden Officer’ is responsible for mentoring our team, the children, and our families to respect and appreciate nature and our environment and implement sustainable practices and projects within the centre and community.


Families are the most important influence on their children’s learning and development. We believe it is vital that we take a collaborative approach in working together to ensure the best outcome for the child’s learning journey and well-being.



At Gumboots Early Learning we see the community as an extension of our centre and learning. We are dedicated to working with, supporting, and learning about our local community and creating networks and connections that will be of benefit to our families and the children. Our educational program will allow children to explore and connect with various aspects of the community through:

Local excursions and incursions

Participating, contributing, and supporting community events

Welcoming community members and local associations

Gumboots is committed to supporting charitable initiatives by raising funds for
selected charities and community members.
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