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To enhance our Gumboots Early Learning curriculums, we offer an amazing range of extra-curricular programs. These programs are planned and presented by qualified staff, they complement our vision and philosophy and are delivered in accordance with the Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework. These programs are not only fun, but they offer endless opportunities to extend on children’s learning, development, health, and well-being.

The Gumboots

Resilience Project

The preschool years are a critical time to develop positive wellbeing strategies and prevent mental ill- health later in life, at Gumboots Early Learning we use The Resilience Project Early Years Program to do this.

The Resilience Project Early Years Program is a positive mental wellbeing program specially designed for children in early childhood. The Resilience Project is centred around the evidence-based principles proven to cultivate positive emotions and positive mental health, Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM). This program is designed and aims to inspire and engage the entire Gumboots community through GEM and emotional literacy.

We have a gorgeous Resilience Project huggable and loveable Koala named Cozy, our children have an opportunity to take Cozy home along with his special GEM journal. This take home initiative supports the connection between Gumboots Early Learning and home and helps to embed the GEM principles in our everyday life.

Pram Kinder Program &

Bush Kinder

At Gumboots Early Learning, we believe that nature is the leading pedagogy that brings our community together. We are strong advocates for children spending time outside and creating a safe space for them to take risks, use their imagination and experience learning in the outdoors. Our weekly Bush Kinder and Pram Kinder sessions do exactly this.

Drawing inspiration from European forest Pre-schools, our Bush Kinder Program is a child led, highly enriched, sensory and outdoor educational program. This program provides children with the opportunity to climb trees, jump in puddles, build nature cubbies, roll down grassy hills, balance on logs, search for bugs, make mud pies, learn about wildlife and participate in nature art and craft experiences. Research has also shown that benefits of Bush Kinder sessions include increased social, physical and language skills and a deeper conceptual understanding and respect for the natural environment. Bush Kinder also provides children with opportunities for free, uninterrupted play in a rich natural environment which is ideal for children as natural learners to explore.

Our Pram Kinder Program prepare our upcoming Gumboots generation, for our Bush Kinder Program. During our Pram Kinder sessions our Nursery children get to explore our local community in our amazing 4-seater prams. This regular outing provides our babies with the opportunities to engage with nature, to touch and smell plants, flowers and trees, to observe their surroundings and become connected to our community and land.

Our Garden To

Plate Program

Gumboots Early Learning has its own unique ‘Garden to Plate’ program. This wonderful program educates our children about sustainability, nutrition and the relationship between how food grown, prepared, cooked and shared with minimal waste.

Our ‘Garden to Plate’ program and curriculum is led by our Outdoor Educator and our Sustainability Officer. These two dedicated teachers, work alongside and collaborate with our children, our educators and our team of chefs to incorporate the fresh produce that is harvested from our edible gardens into our weekly menus.

Our ‘Garden to Plate’ program is a perfect hands-on program, for little hands and curious minds, it promotes wellbeing and provides our children with a better understanding how to nourish their bodies, mind and our environment. Children also learn to respect and connect with nature and earth by composting our food waste and maintaining our worm farms.

At Gumboots Early Learning we are proud members of The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and we have been recognised and awarded as a Healthy Early Childhood Service in Healthy Eating and Oral Health.


Language Programs

Learning a foreign language is rewarding and of great benefit for children. Research shows that starting bilingual education at a young age helps with brain development and lays the foundation for lifelong academic achievement. Research also shows that children who have learned a second language demonstrate cognitive advantages, such as increased problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity, in addition to improving memory and concentration, hence why we have incorporated language programs into our curriculum.

At Gumboots Early Learning we have engaged fantastic Qualified Language Teachers who visit our centre on a weekly basis to conduct language programs. The programs and sessions provide a natural approach to a new language by experimenting with words, play, songs, music, movement and stories.


Arts Program

Creating art expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them and provides skills for self-expression and communication. Art stimulates creativity and problem solving, contributes to fine motor skill development, builds memory and self- control, relives stress, and increases academic performance, hence why art is so important for children.

At Gumboots Early Learning we have appointed a wonderful Art Educator who plans and conducts weekly Art Classes. During our Art Classes children explore a range of different mediums and materials, with support and guidance from our Art Educator. We respect our children’s artwork and proudly display their creations in our centre, in the local community and with families.



At Gumboots Early Learning we are passionate and understand the importance of providing children with a fresh, seasonally influenced and nutritionally balanced menu. Our team of chefs carefully plan and develop our centre menu, in consultation with a qualified nutritionist. Our menus are approved by The Healthy Eating Advisory Service and meet the menu planning guidelines for long day care.

Our meals and snacks cater for all dietary requirements and provide children with many opportunities to try new healthy, delicious and nutritious foods, from a range of different cultures. We understand the importance of educating children about healthy and active lifestyles, and we do this via our educational programs, our weekly cooking and gardening classes, our edible gardens and our ‘Garden to Plate Program’.

All daily meals and snacks are freshly prepared and cooked onsite, they not only taste great, but they also provide our children with the fuel that their little bodies need to grow and develop.

Yoga &

Wellbeing Program

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in young children. Our yoga sessions are a perfect blend of relaxation techniques combined with animated fun that absolutely captivates the children.

Our yoga instructor use storytelling, games, music and props to engage the children on a mental and physical level, taking them on a journey of mind and spirit. Promoting health and well-being, the children have a strong sense of self and belonging while stretching their bodies and brains in a playful and nurturing environment.

Our weekly yoga sessions focus on breath and energy, the sessions provide the children with basic tools that assist in managing anxiety and self-regulation. Our yoga sessions enhance:

Recycling all recyclable items.

Body awareness

Mindfulness, imagination and concentration

Balance and coordination

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